Free e-learning

I didn’t post anything for a while, so I decided to put here whatever.

The first choice pointed e-learning, so I decided not to search further.

There is plenty of options if u decide to experiment with your knowledge at home. Here I provide a list of the websites, courses, channels I know and made a use of at least once in my time.

Coursera – a lot of material in various subjects. Music, Philosophy, Mathematics, WebDevelopment, omg so much maybe no need for parties and bitches…
EdX – on a way similar to Coursera. They’re designed taking a peers review system as fundamental. The main advantage of both EdX and Coursera is that u can take any course entirely for free, extra fee for a certificate. Dunno about their validation, never bought one. Language: english, sometimes subtitles available.
Open-culture – u can search through a branch of free tutorials or lectures here. Search by the subject or name. Various languages.

Codecademy– very basics of webdev. You learn on examples, but as u follow instructions, not much u really learn.
Sololearn- also teh basic things. A bit of an explanation in names and so, but no practice.
W3Schools– much more content then in the previous two. Now I’m exploring. That’s as far the best handout.
FreeCodeCamp– just got there. Will see. Looks pretty consoltant and quite more advanced then ex Codecademy. Has it’s own community, also actively present on GitHub. Fingers crossed!

Stanford (I especially recommend dr. Sapolsky lectures in human behavior)

Jak do tej pory korzystałam jedynie z tutoriali na YT.
Kanał, który polecam to RS elektronika:

One more cathegory:
Duolingo– The provide cathegories, where u listen, speak and type words. I was using for a short perios, but switched to Memrize. U can def learn a bit, but I do not think it’s the best choice if you’re a bit higher then basics. Eventhoug I have found there words I do not understand, I suffered with lack of real data examples. 
Memrise– as u can guess it’s about memorising new words. It was designed to show u mems to make it easier (u can also create your own). In real world I didn’t use them much, but from time to time they were handy indeed. I was using Memrise for half a year and I must say it was working, but: the lack of examples in real sentences make it quite an abstract knowledge. 
AnkiDroid– here the idea is that you are downloading a word pack (or create your own) and just like in Memory game you guess the translation. I’ve downloaded a version with the whole sentences in German, quite cool to get used to the accent? But in fact it lack the task for you to do: would be awesome to listen to the sentence AND OUGHT TO WRITE IT DOWN, not only understand it. Maybe I just didn’t find an appropirate pack. Yet I find it a better solution for eg. improving my English (which is on a much higher level, then German). Maybe I should create my own pack, but as far I put it on a side, daman. Just realised I miss learning languages.

In fact it’s hard to keep on track with all the good available. Future of education, is it or isn’t? It’s undoubtedly hard to be a self learner. I find it difficult and constantly feel I get out of focus because of lack of OBLIGATORY deadlines. What about menthorship? Never had. Am I determined? I am constantly afraid I’m not. Trying is not enough.
It’s quite my experiment. I had nothing to do with computers, electronics, nothing alike. I graduated fine arts high school. Where I will get with all those resources?

For skyrocketing motivation to all the self learners.